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Unit 267 in Flint shop. Tire Pressure repeated underinflated.
Unit 966 in Jackson shop. Different tire since last inspection.
Unit 14 in Erie shop. Rotation due inner/outer.
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Tires Equal Money

How do you get the most out of yours?

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Find the best tire for each application

Replace tires too soon, and you’re wasting cashflow. Too late, and you’re taking big chances with safety, load loss, and costly on-road repairs.

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Digital Best Practices for Tire Life Cycle Management

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Rhombus™ Speakers

Shaun Hartoog & Chuck Avery

Featured Fleet Guest

Frank Rinaudo, President/CEO of
Rinaudo Enterprises, Inc.

Rhombus™ TireAnalytics by Dana Can Help.

Rhombus is an easy-to-use app that records and scientifically analyzes important data to help your business:

A mechanical gauge

Reduce breakdowns and blowouts

A series of nodes

Increase tire life

A square-shaped target

Identify issues in real time

A marker on a linear timeline

Make informed management and purchase decisions

A front-profile of a tire showing the tire-tread

Hone the tire maintenance process

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Proactively mitigate over-the-road repairs

Get the full value out of every tire in your fleet!

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Rhombus™ brings balance.

"I have seen a drop in tire expenses by 10% or more."
- Eric Mariscal, Inland Group
"Rhombus helped us extend the life of our tires and saved us money!"
- Jennifer Michener, DeBauche Idealease
"We’ve experienced a 12% year-over-year reduction in tire expense."
- Mario Delgado, Idealease Atlanta
"It’s the sole reason we reduced our over-the-road tire spend by 49%."
- Dan Shandy, Matheson Trucking

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