Know the REAL Cost of Every Tire Make and Model and Turn It into REAL Savings!

Rhombus TireAnalytics is a fully-digital management program that proactively engages your fleet maintenance for considerable ROI gains:

Average expected ROI:
2.5x investment
Customer experienced ROI:
8.6x investment

Rhombus offers a full suite of features designed to implement comprehensive tire management following best practices. It is proven for managing fleet maintenance and reducing costs. Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary tire maintenance and tire wear. Get started now to:

Reduce breakdowns
Increase tire life
Make informed tire purchases
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Tire Analytics Dashboard Software

Proactively Manage Your Fleet Tires with Rhombus TireAnalytics by Dana.

The impact of tire issues goes well beyond tires – it can affect drivers, deliveries, customer relationships, and bottom-line expenses.

Rhombus TireAnalytics by Dana leverages data to anticipate and address tire issues before they happen, ultimately protecting the business you’ve worked so hard to build. And, it’s designed by Dana – a leader in drivetrain solutions who understands the needs and demands of the commercial trucking industry.

“I have seen a drop in tire expenses by 10% or more.”

- Eric Mariscal, Inland
Easy Data Capture

“I have seen a drop in tire expenses by 10% or more.”

- Eric Mariscal, Inland

Rhombus addresses real-world tire issues for fleets large and small.

Easy Data Capture

We need a fast way to capture necessary data — without interfering with our work.

The easy-to-use mobile interface lets technicians quickly capture, store, and share data and compare it to recent historical markers for quick analysis and effective decision making.

Actionable Results for Fleets

We’re already capturing the right inputs, now we can transform it into actionable results.

Rhombus helps you create insights that pre-emptively address small issues so they don’t become big problems.

Safe Drivers Impact Savings

We need an ROI-driven solution that delivers tangible and intangible savings.

Considering the impact of an on-road tire failure or blowout – disrupting deliveries, driving repair costs, and even endangering drivers – you can’t afford not to implement Rhombus.

True Partner

We need a true tire partner, for maintenance and to help guide tire purchase decisions.

Rhombus uses fleet-specific data, including application, vehicle specs, and travel specifics to help you select the right tires for the job so you can make reliable, unbiased purchase decisions.

Small Cost, Big Impact

Real-time visibility and control over tire maintenance and tire management.

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Fully Loaded Features

Complete tire and fleet intelligence.

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