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Proactively manage fleet maintenance to address tire issues — and much larger problems — before they happen.

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Tire Analytics Dashboard Software

Proactively Manage Your Fleet with Rhombus TireAnalytics by Dana

Tires are one of the top expenses for fleet companies, which is why many tire manufacturers have gotten into the business of tire monitoring solutions – to inspire regular replacements. But the impact of tire issues on the road goes well beyond tires – it can affect drivers, deliveries, and customer relationships.

The impact of tire issues on the road goes well beyond tires

Rhombus TireAnalytics by Dana leverages data to anticipate and address tire issues before they happen, ultimately protecting the business you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s designed by Dana – a company renowned for developing premier parts through rigorous testing and predictive data analyses for over 100 years.

Easy Data Capture

We need a fast way to capture the data we need, so it amplifies – not interferes with – our work

Technicians capture data within moments using an easy-to-use mobile interface, with immediate visibility to the most recent historical markers for quick comparison.

Actionable Results for Fleets

We’re already capturing the right inputs, but are excited to transform that data into actionable results

There's a significant difference between capturing data and creating insights that pre-emptively address small issues before they become big problems.

Safe Drivers Impact Savings

We’re all about ROI, and need a solution that delivers savings – both financially and across the intangibles

When considering the impact of a tire failure or blowout while on the road – disrupting deliveries, driving repair costs, and even endangering drivers – you can’t afford not to.

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Small Cost, Big Impact

Real-time visibility and control over tire maintenance and management.

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Not just tire monitoring – the solution provides complete tire and fleet intelligence.

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