Know When You Need Which Tires When

Rhombus™ TireAnalytics by Dana offers a full suite of features that are designed to capture the most important inputs quickly and easily, while offering a full dashboard to help management interpret and act on analytics. It ultimately provides real-time visibility to your entire fleet, including complete tire maintenance practices across terminals and so much more.

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Tire Tread Monitoring

Cost Management

With Rhombus™ TireAnalytics by Dana, tire maintenance and replacement savings are only the beginning of the value story. Learn how the one-of-a-kind predictive solution can save your team time, money, and, most importantly, business relationships.

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Fleet Manager Focused Features

Fully Loaded Features

  • Images, tags, and condition history for every tire
  • Analyze impact from logistical lanes, applications, and locations
  • Cloud-based and hardware-agnostic platform
  • Serialization for cradle-to-grave analysis
  • Bluetooth® data capture integration
  • PSI and tread data for each tire
  • Assess tire consumption for planning
  • Pull points for tread wear analysis
  • Alerts for deviations of fleet standards
  • Identifies top and bottom tire performers