Phone, tablet, and computer screens showing Rhombus alerts and tires

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Electronic Tracking + Alerts + Insights:

Phone, tablet, and computer screens showing Rhombus alerts and tires

System-of-Record for Tire Management

  • Centralized record keeping and inspection data with real-time visibility across all locations
  • Secure, efficient, low-cost with no on-site computing and minimal IT support required

Tire Inspection: Best Practice Process

  • Guides technicians to perform inspections consistently with proven processes
  • Technicians are prompted to take proper action when anomalies are detected
  • Integrates with Bluetooth® measurement devices for speed, accuracy, and productivity

Tire Policy Administration

  • Houses and ensures compliance with company tire policies
  • Sets anomaly detection thresholds, gives reference for alerts, reports, and guides the tech to take proper action
  • Compares inspection, PSI, and pull-point compliance against policies, then analyzes the comparison to ensure accountability
  • Tracks tread depth and tire conditions, and captures images for accurate decision-making and warranty claims proof

Tire Management by Exception

  • Immediate notification for techs and managers when issues are detected
  • Management customizations to control alerts and notifications, and review outstanding alerts to ensure compliance
  • Proven to improve safety and tread use

Tire Performance Management

  • Miles per tire and cost per mile reporting let you select the best tire for each application, negotiate better pricing based on price performance, analyze treadwear patterns, and maximize warranty reporting
  • Unit analytics identify units that may have mechanical or driver issues

Tire Performance Management by Application

  • Set appropriate targets and thresholds for PSI, pull-points, and treadwear by application
  • Determine the best tire for each application by axle position
  • Identify your high-wear customers (which are the hardest on their tires or wear out their tires fastest)

Forecast Tire Needs

  • Accurately plan your tire acquisitions with estimates of your tire needs for the coming month and quarter
  • Useful pricing information and "What if" tools for effective negotiation