Phone, tablet, and computer screens showing Rhombus alerts

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Electronic Tracking + Alerts:

Phone, tablet, and computer screens showing Rhombus alerts

System-of-Record for Tire Management

  • Centralized record keeping and inspection data with real-time visibility across all locations
  • Secure, efficient, low-cost with no on-site computing and minimal IT support required

Tire Inspection: Best Practice Process

  • Guides technicians to perform inspections consistently with proven processes
  • Technicians are prompted to take proper action when anomalies are detected
  • Integrates with Bluetooth® measurement devices for speed, accuracy, and productivity

Tire Policy Administration

  • Houses and ensures compliance with company tire policies
  • Sets anomaly detection thresholds, gives reference for alerts, reports, and guides the tech to take proper action
  • Compares inspection, PSI, and pull-point compliance against policies, then analyzes the comparison to ensure accountability
  • Tracks tread depth and tire conditions, and captures images for accurate decision-making and warranty claims proof

Tire Management by Exception

  • Immediate notification for techs and managers when issues are detected
  • Management customizations to control alerts and notifications, and review outstanding alerts to ensure compliance
  • Proven to improve safety and tread use

$3/unit, monthly

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