The Value of Rhombus TireAnalytics by Dana

Fleet Managers Viewing Service Notifications

On-road repairs from a tire blowout can cost three times as much as conducting the proper preventive maintenance. That can quickly turn a big expense into a massive one.

But that's just the first impact on your fleet. Consider this:

  • Driver safety can be endangered, leading to retention challenges and reduced CSA scores
  • Sidelined vehicles cause missed or delayed deliveries, which can impact customer ratings and long-term business contracts
  • The resources required to maintain your tires correctly are a fraction of those needed to react to on-the-road problems
  • Tire life and reduced costs can both be significantly increased by following best practices for tire management
  • Tire data is used to identify the best price performance by position, application, and location

Small Cost, Big Impact

  • Cloud-based: No hardware or IT infrastructure required; data is secured in our cloud server
  • Complete vision: Instant data with high visibility of the entire fleet
  • Historical markers: Provides techs with history of last inspection for quick comparison
  • Real-time alerts: Prompts proactive response through immediate indicators
  • Intelligent app: Mobile app, available for iOS and Android™, is designed to do the heavy lifting for techs