Value of Rhombus™ TireAnalytics by Dana

Fleet Managers Viewing Service Notifications

On-road repairs from a tire blowout can cost three times as much as conducting the proper preventive maintenance. That can quickly turn a big expense into a massive one. But that's just the first impact on your fleet. Consider this:

  • Driver safety can be endangered, leading to retention challenges and reduced CSA scores
  • Sidelined vehicles cause missed or delayed deliveries, which can impact customer ratings and long-term business contracts
  • The resources required to capture the right data are a fraction of those needed to react to on-the-road problems

Protect your business by proactively managing your fleet.

Safe Drivers

Simple to use, yet completely comprehensive

Rhombus™ TireAnalytics by Dana sets the standard for tire monitoring, with features for recording images, tags, and condition history for every tire. It also adds new predictive tools to drive business decisions, such as the ability to analyze the impact from logistical lanes, applications, and locations on your tires.

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Image Capture and Recording of Tire Failure

Analysis Made Easy – Capturing Data Even Easier

Our easy-to-use interface means less time training your team and less effort in capturing the right inputs, so you can focus on your business.

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Fleet Management and Operation Team

Small Cost, Big Impact

  • Cloud-based: No hardware or IT infrastructure required; data is secured in our cloud server
  • Complete vision: Instant data with high visibility of the entire fleet
  • Historical markers: Provides techs with history of last inspection for quick comparison
  • Real-time alerts: Prompts proactive response through immediate indicators
  • Intelligent app: Mobile app, available for iOS and Androidâ„¢, is designed to do the heavy lifting for techs