Elevate your productivity.
Reduce your operating expense.

On-road repairs from a tire blowout can cost 3x as much as conducting the proper preventive maintenance.

That can turn a big expense into a massive one.

Even worse:

Driver safety can be compromised

Retention challenges incur

CSA scores go down

Deliveries are delayed

Business suffers

Rhombus™ helps you avoid tire problems, minimize on-road incidents, and extend tire life.

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Rhombus Builds the Database

Everything from VIN,
mileage to home base


Tech Training Begins

Remote or in person.
About 20 minutes per shift


Management Consultation

After the first 30 days
and ongoing


Executive-Level Review

Quarterly intervals

Rhombus Customers Say It Best.

"Rhombus is the sole reason we reduced our Over-The-Road tire spend by 49%."
- Dan Shandy, Director of Fleet Maintenance, Matheson Trucking, Inc.
"I have seen a drop in tire expenses by 10%, or possibly more."
- Eric Mariscal, Inland Group
"In the first 20 months of utilizing Rhombus, we’ve seen our miles per thirty-second (MPT) double. This has resulted in a 12% reduction in tire expense when compared year-over-year."
- Mario Delgado, President Idealease of Atlanta, LLC.
"The onboarding process was easy. The training was fast, efficient, and comprehensive."
- Frank Rinaudo, Rinaudo Inc
"The program organizes our data so it is actionable. It gives visibility to many users and assists in building budgets and the notifications help with regulatory compliance."
- Rick Tapp, PACCAR Leasing Co
"WOW! That was much easier than I expected."
- Todd Cotier, Hartt Transportation Systems
"The Rhombus staff communicates with us regularly. I always feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck. I don’t have to hunt for valuable data. I call Rhombus and they show it to me. They’ve helped us extend the life of our tires and saved us money!"
- Jennifer Michener, DeBauche Idealease
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All Your Tire Data. All in One Place.
Organized, Analyzed, and Ready to Work for You.

We need a fast way to capture necessary data
without interfering with our work.

The Rhombus app runs on a mobile interface and is as easy to use as social media. It asks for no more data than you’re already capturing, and lets techs quickly capture, store, and share data – including photos.

We’re already capturing the right inputs
How do we transform it into actionable results?

Rhombus compares tire information to recent historical markers and analyzes the data so you can make effective repair and procurement decisions. With Rhombus, you’ll know which tires perform best, be able to identify chronic problems, create paper trails, retain photos for warranty claims, and pre-emptively address small issues before they become problems.

We need an ROI-driven solution
that delivers tangible and intangible savings.

Replacing tires too early wastes money. Replacing tires too late can cause on-road repair expenses, rack up DOT violations, and put your drivers and reputation at risk. Overbuying ties up cash flow and space. Rhombus significantly helps reduce these costly issues, helps maintain good CSA scores, and delivers 2.5x ROI. Some clients experience over 8x ROI.

We need a true tire partner
from an unbiased company who can give insight on purchases.

Rhombus uses fleet-specific data, including application, vehicle specs, tire position, and travel conditions to help you select the right tires for the job. And because Rhombus is run by Dana, who doesn’t make, advertise, or endorse tires, you know the information is based in fact, not bias.

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